What is AITS FX?

AITS FX is an evolutionary brokerage. Its existence was necessary before it was born. Its evolution has arisen from the needs for a transparent and ethical broker. It is an offshoot of the AITS educational school founded in 2012 by Andy Ireland. The school arose due to Andy being asked to teach people to trade the markets. Andy is a self taught trader whose success has been built on what he believes is his lack of greed; a bit of an oxymoron in the market that he participates. Nonetheless that lack of greed has enabled Andy to further himself and his family to a respectable standard of living.

Why was AITS FX created?

As the school progressed over several years an idea was formed. The idea was to set up a 'fund', from people seeing what Andy had achieved but feeling not quite ready or able, to devote all of their time to trading. It was to be an amalgamated pot of money which people from the school could join and so take part in what became known as AITS T21. The idea of AITS T21 is to take a pot of £20,000 and turn it into £1,000,000 over a four/five year period.

During the initial months things went fine but it soon became apparent that as the stakes got higher the brokers became less willing to participate in the fullness of T21. And so it was born… day Andy just had enough of watching brokers failing to reach his expectations and delivering poor excuses to their failings. He sat down and listed what he wanted; transparency, liquidity, 'A' book practice and full sight of the market. Despite brokers saying they would offer this, Andy felt none did. So the only option was to do it himself, and with the help of his global LP, he opened his very own brokerage, AITS FX.

AITS FX adheres to all of the principles that Andy required from other brokers and excels by adding integrity, honesty and openness. These are the qualities we expect for ourselves, so why shouldn’t our customers receive them as well?

Welcome to the new breed of brokers: Welcome to AITS FX

Our vision

AITS FX aims to offer traders better pricing, to treat them as humans and not a 'profit pot' .We want to let our traders trade as they want, with integrity, transparancy and openess. We aim to help our traders grow and eventually establish a foothold in future ventures of AITS FX. We want our traders to know what they are getting and not expect anything less, or anything unattainable. We want our traders to know that no matter what happens, AITS FX is here to help them and not hinder their efforts.

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